A Basic D&D Mystara campaign

Greensleeves is an experiment in starting over. It’s a 1980’s/90’s campaign “rebooted” with new PC’s (and players) taking the place of the originals in what was recent history, but unknown to them, is once again the current day. Will they follow in the footsteps of those that no longer exist? Will they blaze utterly new paths of glory? Will different characters die this time?

Will they ever shake the feeling of deja vu?

Obsidian Portal doesn’t give Basic D&D/BECMI/OD&D/whatever as an option. But I suppose a fair amount of 1st Edition AD&D spells and such will eventually find their way in anyway. I’ve always run something of a mashup, but the core rules will be closest to the Moldvay/Mentzer/Rules Cyclopedia game.